Today I gave myself an award for choosing the designer who created my award winning corporate design. For normal people, not in the know: the CCA Creativ Club Austria awards a bronze, silver or gold Venus statue to outstanding solutions in advertising and graphic design. Studio Es won two bronze statues for corporate identity and photography. We are very proud of each other.

Black cake


Hermann’s birthday cake. Somebody paid me for making a black cake. How perfect.

Shooting for Website n° 2

Chocolate about to be photographed.

Shooting for Website n° 1

Andreas‘ macros in the making …

Tile Cakes

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So I called my friend Christian to ask if he would like to make some screens from my tile drawings so we could have a whack at screenprinting on frozen chocolate cream. Luckily for me, Christian is always up for a good experiment and immediately agreed. How great to have people like that around!
As expected, the screens turned out perfectly and so did the first results:
Sugarflair Black Extra on Dark Chocolate Ganache and White Chocolate Cream.

Tile drawings n° 1


Back home from Paris. I decided to do something with those tile photos I made. Buying black Edding markers is always a good start in my opinion.

n° 2


The drawings so far.

Chocolate writing


Would anyone really pay $400 for the Paris Typeface?