Places in Paris

Places to be in Paris if you’re a pastry chef. Or if you’re a person who, for some other reason, likes to hang out in bakery supply shops:

E. Dehillerin
18—20, Rue Coquillière 75001
I believe this to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Déco Relief
6 Rue Montmartre 75001

13 Rue Montmartre 75001

La Bovida
36 Rue Montmartre 75001

Surviving Paris on coffee at Ten Belles

Here’s how Xavier Cotte welcomed our group to Le Cordon Bleu, „We want to congratulate you for your courage. You applied for the intensive session. We believe you have no idea what you signed up for.“
Well, I have to give them this: 40 hours of new input a week is, in fact, intense. With practising and studying on the side, I find myself in desperate need for a lot of coffee. Luckily, Ten Belles is only a short stroll away, and as the coffee in the rest of Paris is pretty much undrinkable, I’m stopping by often, and it has become one of those places where you suddenly feel at home, without really knowing why.

Knives n° 2

I recommend Wüsthof, by the way.

Knives and the Canal Saint Martin n° 1


Today I took my new knife kit for a walk. As I live close to the Canal Saint Martin, life is easy and pretty. Later, the knives and I will have coffee at Ten Belles. We are all looking forward to it.

Chocolate writing


Would anyone really pay $400 for the Paris Typeface?

locker 77, Le Cordon Bleu, Paris

Not quite a 22, but still..

Tiles n° 1

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The Parisien Metro tiles are easily among the most beautiful things on earth. I love how the tiling is done. How they were doing doorways and corners. How they would mix different kinds of tiles, sometimes just throwing them together without caring about whether the joints match.

n° 4

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n° 5

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